Sunday, July 06, 2003

In Ramadi, the graduating police were marching from a boys school where they underwent five days of training to a nearby government building when a massive blast tore into them, said Mahmoud Hamad, a 23-year-old survivor. Hamad suffered wounds to his right arm and leg. Ramadi is 60 miles west of Baghdad.

"That is what you get for working with the Americans," said one elderly Iraqi, shouting in the corridor of the emergency ward of a hospital where victims were brought. "They have all been warned before."

Oh really? And that would be because actually taking a job to provide for their families instead of standing around in the street all day complaining would be a bad thing to do?

Contributing to the stability and security of their own bleedin' country is a capital offense?

Their contribution to the development of an all Iraqi police force might be risky for their health and well being?

You sir, shouting in the corridor of the hospital, are not worthy by a mile of the risks the American soldiers take every day just by waking up in your stinking filthy country.

But they do it...because we believe liberty to be one of the inalienable rights granted by the Creator. And you should thank Him that we don't believe that each person has to deserve it.

Because you, sir, most assuredly, do not.

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