Thursday, July 10, 2003

The coolest thing I've gotten to do out here was a prisoner of war guard. Well, they weren't really prisoners of war. We've taken over the police's job until they get enough trained cops to do it themselves. So they were just regular criminals I was guarding.

It was still a very good experience for me. I did my best to make things very easy on them. The conditions we had them in were not that great, but ours weren't either.

They only stayed for one night, then were moved somewhere else. I took it upon myself to do as much for them as I could. I felt really bad for a lot of them. Most were thieves or own weapons, which America has recently outlawed. Only a few attacked soldiers (about three out of 20).

Almost all of them were very nice and cooperative. I always got them water and food like we were supposed to, but I went the extra mile by (as we like to say, "beg, borrow, or steal") acquiring extra stuff for them, like some ice for their water so they wouldn't have to drink 90-degree water in 100-degree weather or cardboard for the floor because they were just sleeping on the dirt.

If they had to go to the bathroom, I got up and took them no matter what I was doing (most people forced them to wait). I found lights so they could see at night, even found them some snacks like candy or peanut butter and crackers.


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