Wednesday, July 09, 2003

With his dark-tinted sunglasses and modest clothing, Al Faily was congratulated by nearby friends after Col. Peter Mansoor, 43, 1st Armored Division's 1st Brigade commander, announced the winner between four candidates.

"Democracy has arrived in Baghdad," said Mansoor, who is originally from Sacramento, Calif. "Make your voice be heard. This is only the beginning and definitely not the end."

Mansoor congratulated Al Faily with a handshake and hopefully a new friendship between his soldiers and the people of the Rusfa District.

With a permanent smile etched into his cheeks, Al Faily said his biggest concern for a post-Saddam Baghdad is fixing the numerous problems created by the former dictator.

"I want to help all of my people who live in Rusfa," said the office accountant. "I want to fix the biggest problem which is the lack of security in the area."

And readers from Friedberg will want to know that 1/36 Infantry plays a big role in this story.

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