Monday, July 07, 2003


Beth is a reader of CPT Patti's website whose son is serving in Iraq with the 1st AD. She wrote recently to forward her campaign to reduce the cost of sending packages to deployed soldiers.

Here is her plea.

I and other's are on a writing campaign to try and persuade the President to create a bill that would allow families to mail care packages at no charge,or at least half the cost to those that are serving their country in hostile countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

If you have the time could you please consider writing or emailing also? I believe that if enough people were to send emails or letters that this issue would be addressed by the President.

Something needs to be done to lighten the load for the families so that it does not put them in dire striates.

Most of the care packages sent are full of things that the troops need and yes there are things sent that the troops would consider luxury items, such as beef jerky,snacks and peanut butter and crackers, but the things that are asked for by them are items like,bug spray, instant cold-packs, sun block,lotion,things that some of the troops cannot get for themselves because of their location.Most of the time the cost of sending the package is more than the cost of the items sent.

I think that it is only right that we petition the President to consider this request to allow some relief for the families in the cost of sending care packages....You can email the President at

Thank you for your time.....Beth O.

Thank you, Beth.

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