Tuesday, July 08, 2003


Remarkable what one teenager is accomplishing in Iraq.
He breaks up fights over prices, faces down vendors bold enough to push and shove him and expels violators.

It’s a long day under the hot sun, but his role has kept the market safe and orderly, helping vendors and patrons alike.

“All of the people like this man,” said vendor Hadere Addas.

Before Seely, 19, began regular patrols, the market was chaotic and cramped.

“No system, all the people — it’s dangerous, fighting. Some people sell here, no good,” Addas said.

The Marines had been conducting regular patrols at the market, but Seely asked to be there full time. He came up with the idea of painting white lines to designate where vendors can set up, to keep them spaced out and to establish a space over which they could not cross.

Good stuff. Read it all here.

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