Saturday, July 12, 2003

SATURDAY, JULY 12th. The 62d day of CPT Patti's deployment.

At 1:20a.m. this morning she was able to make an internet connection and send me an email note.

In part here is what she wrote:
I usually eat the goodies you send me and one MRE and the UGR meal. I really really love the fruit cups and mandarian oranges. Keep sending those.

Also, could you please send me boxes and boxes of the Chewy Trail Mix Granola Bar flavor fruits, nuts, and cranberry. It has been circling around here and I ate two the other day. MMMmmmm, good!

Please send more Gatorade powder mix - Lemon-Lime and/or orange.

I always can use more beef jerky. My favorite is the Oberto kind.

Keep up the wonderful packages and letters. I am keeping everything!

OK so it was less a note than a shopping list and a description of her eating habits. Hell, I'm just glad to hear from her.

And those of you who have asked me of late what does she need...well here it is. (By the way, the mandarin oranges she is talking about are orange pieces in syrup - they come in a pack of 3 I think, packed in clear plastic cups so she can eat the fruit with a spoon. Find them at the grocers along side more traditionally canned fruit.

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