Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Reverand, you went over there with an agenda...and you were utterly feckless then.

And now that 5 million Iraqis have been liberated you refuse to acknowledge that progress can be progress although yet imperfect.

Sorry, reverand...your bias is showing.

A Methodist minister who traveled to Baghdad last year to oppose going to war with Iraq has begun a hunger strike to call attention to what he says have been human rights abuses of Iraqi civilians by American troops there.

The Rev. Frederick Boyle of the Titusville United Methodist Church in Mercer County has been one of New Jersey's most active opponents of the war. In February and March, he attracted widespread attention when he spent nine days inside Iraq in advance of an anticipated bombing campaign to call attention to its potential impact on civilians.

With U.S. and other coalition forces still occupying the country 10 months later, Boyle's attention has remained on civilian victims of the war.

Iraqi civilians have been subject to searches in the middle of the night, detentions without charges, destruction of their homes and property, injury and death, Boyle said.

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