Thursday, January 15, 2004


As a little kid playing little league football in the 60s the treat for us was we always went to Burger King after the games.

BK had a big ad campaign "Have it your way!"...meaning you could order your Whopper with, or without anything you wanted.

I thought it was hysterical (I'm a kid, remember) to go up to the order taker and say, with a straight face "I'll have a Whopper, hold the bun."

Turns out I was just 30 something years ahead of my time.
Burger King Corp. is joining the low-carbohydrate parade by offering bunless Whopper hamburgers and, soon, salads featuring steak, chicken and shrimp.

The bunless sandwiches, which were launched in Canada and the United States yesterday, come in plastic salad bowls with a knife and fork.

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