Thursday, January 15, 2004


These guys are working right up to the wire.

MOSUL, IRAQ (Jan. 14, 2004) – The operational tempo of the 101st Airborne Division remains high today as its soldiers prepared for redeployment and completed major reconstruction projects in Northern Iraq.

Soldiers of the 926th Engineer Battalion put a generator into operation at the Mosul beet sugar factory. This project will ensure the factory has power at all times, boosting employment in the city and also contribute to the city’s power grid during peak load times.

The Division's Surgeon section sponsored a program that provided three new ambulances to hospitals in Mosul and Qayyarah. The ambulances are 2004 model from a prominent Japanese manufacturer and cost more than $120,000.

In the small town of Filfell, north of Mosul, the division’s Fire Support Element led an effort to restore an oil storage depot to operation. The station, once used as an export station to Turkey, can hold 12,000 liters of oil and will return to its original purpose when Iraq’s oil industry infrastructure is running at full capacity.

The 101st continues to work with the citizens and leaders of Iraq to make it a safe, prosperous, and democratic nation.

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