Monday, January 12, 2004


That is what Saddam is, say the DOD lawyers.

Me...I'm thinking there is more to this than we are seeing .

Do you suppose the lawyer types hadn't stopped to consider what his status would be during the ten months we've had forces there? Do you think it really took the DOD lawyers a month to get around to rendering an opinion once we got our hands on him?

I'm not sure why this would be happening, but I'm thinking its a bit fishy.
Iraqi authorities expressed surprise and disappointment Saturday at reports that Pentagon lawyers have determined that Saddam Hussein has been a prisoner of war since American forces captured him last month.

On Friday, a Pentagon spokesman, Maj. Michael Shavers, said the Defense Department's top civilian lawyers have determined that Saddam is a prisoner of war because of his status as former commander in chief of Iraq's military. The lawyers determined that no formal declaration of Saddam's status was needed, he said.

Some Iraqis expressed concern that prisoner of war status, which grants Saddam certain legal rights and protection under the Geneva Conventions, could prevent Iraqi courts from trying the ousted dictator for alleged crimes against the Iraqi people.

"I am surprised by this decision," said Dara Nor al-Din, a former appeals court judge and member of the Iraqi Governing Council. "We still consider Saddam a criminal and he will be tried on this basis. This new move will be discussed thoroughly in the Governing Council."

Debate away...the Iraqis can try the man however they want is their country. Us...we sort of have to do it this way.

Don't know why folks are concerned...I mean, do you really think there is a chance in hell we can't convict the guy in a fair trial???

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