Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Well, I even hesitate to bring this up...but we have updated information on CPT Patti's schedule.

When last we spoke of this subject we had just learned that the Stop Loss/Stop Movement (SL/SM) order was official and that it did affect CPT Patti.

At that time we believed that would delay her return from Baghdadd until probably May.

However, yesterday afternoon she sent me an which she tells me that the current plan is for her to be a part of the ADVON (Advanced Echelon) for the 501st FSB as they return home.

And what that means is that she will precede the units "main body" in order to handle the logistics required to receive all those people and all that equipment enroute from Iraq.

And that means, according to current plan, that we are sort of back where we started...believing she will be returning to Germany sometime in March.

Oh how I pray this will hold up...

Because right now I'm very, VERY happy about it.

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