Friday, October 24, 2003


Today all the leaves fell off all the trees in Giessen.

I swear its like they are on a timer. They just all jumped

I noted earlier that this was a pretty good year for color - at least from a European standpoint where Fall is not nearly as colorful as it is back in the States. But in the ten Autumns that I've spent in Europe I've noticed this tendency for trees to denude themselves all at once.

It's a wonder it doesn't happen with a large WHUMP sort of a noise.

To make it more ludicrous, some of the trees here have actually yet to turn from green to their Autumnal hues...and while driving the roads this morning I saw perfectly good green leaves jettisoning themselves from their arborial droves (if many leaves make a drove...herd? Pack? School?) And all at the same time.

It was 27 degrees this morning. I reckon Winter has come to Hessen.

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