Tuesday, October 21, 2003


Hey guys, there is a reason they say "War is Hell"

Perhaps if you climbed down off your high horse long enough to don the uniform of the military you so readily criticize, perhaps once you find yourself in the bewildering world of strange customs, strange language, Rules of Engagement, and shadows sniping at your ass, perhaps then you might be just a little less smug and self satisfied.

US troops in Iraq are responsible for at least 20 "legally questionable" civilian deaths in Baghdad since May 1 and are not doing enough to avoid harming bystanders, an international human rights group has concluded in one of the most detailed analyses of civilian casualties resulting from the US-led occupation.

Human Rights Watch, in a report to be released today, paints a stark picture of US troops caught between the competing goals of defending themselves in the face of daily ambushes and at the same time trying to win the support of the Iraqi population.

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