Thursday, October 23, 2003


This author cites the bombing of the Baghdad Hotel as an indication we are winning.

But then, you read that here the day after the bombing.

Good the whole thing here.
The Baghdad Hotel car bomb attack is just another instance of the terrorists attacking innocent people and non-combatants rather than military targets. They lack the courage to confront America's military personnel in a direct action and they show radical Islam for what it is--a cowardly, weak and ineffectual movement mired in the outdated philosophy of religious fanaticism that is trying to keep freedom and liberty at bay by forcibly imposing their backward beliefs on a terrorized and intimidated citizenry.

There is nothing noble, good or decent about either their beliefs, values or goals. They are venomous, evil and ignorant people. History will look at them with repugnance and loathing.

They are infecting Islam with a corrosive disease that will gradually weaken it in the eyes of the rest of the world unless free and thinking Muslims stand up against these modern-day barbarians.

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