Friday, October 24, 2003


More troops, more airports.

Good for them for making this happen.

I ran into a couple from the 501st yesterday...he had been back on R&R for 1 day.

She had a smile the size of Texas plastered on her face.

The military’s “rest and recuperation” program to give troops deployed to the Middle East a break is slated to expand “in the very near future,” possibly as early as Nov. 1, officials said.

The program, which started in late September, not only will increase in the number of troops granted leave, boosting the current 279 troops who fly out daily to possibly as much as 500, but will include two additional cities that troops will be flown to — Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, said Gary Jones, a spokesman for Army Forces Central Command in Atlanta, and another source familiar with the program...

Troops are not to be charged travel time out of Iraq or Kuwait against that 15-day leave. Leave begins once troops go through processing stations at Rhein-Main or Baltimore, in which they are given official paperwork that includes their return travel plans and an emergency phone number in the event they can’t make the return flight, Mitchell said.

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