Thursday, June 19, 2003

UPDATE: I missed this report earlier in the week.

It regards Private Pahnke, the young man killed by sniper fire on the 17th in Baghdad.

He died at the 501st Forward Support Battalion Aid Station. Those are our guys.

I know they are just heartsick they couldn't save him.

A soldier assigned to the First Armored Division died of a gunshot wound from enemy gunfire early this morning in the Northwest section of Baghdad.

The soldier, taking part in a patrol, was sitting in a military vehicle, when he was struck in the back by a small caliber bullet at about 11:50pm (local).

The patrol leader immediately secured the area and a combat medic began first aid to the wounded soldier. The patrol then transported the soldier to a nearby military compound where he was transferred to a ground ambulance and transported to the 501st forward support batallion aid station where he later died.

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