Tuesday, June 17, 2003

IRAN WATCH. Mid-easterners taking to the streets, protesting, chanting.

Happens every day.

But this time it is pro-democracy and aimed against the theocracy.

And somehow it has a ring authenticity to it. How nice it would be if they could pull this off without us.
Westerners may have difficulty imagining what these people are like. In fact, it's quite easy: Simply remember the Taliban. The only difference is that they don't wear Afghani clothes.

In the past few nights, my peers — and our mothers and sisters — have poured into the streets of our city. Some of us have been arrested and many have been injured by the ruthless attacks of Ansaar-e-Hezbollah. These people attack whomever they see in the streets with tear gas, sticks, iron chains, swords, daggers, and, for the last two nights, guns.

It has become almost routine for us to go out at night, chant slogans, get beaten, lose some of our friends, see our sisters beaten, and then return home.

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