Friday, June 20, 2003

NEFARIOUS FORCES AT WORK IN IRAQ. While sabotaging utilities they are at once also sabotaging what little patience remains of average Iraqi citizens.

Stir up more trouble and resentment against the US for its "failure" at reconstruction...and those who oppose the US Vision for Iraq (democratic, free, prosperous and secular) progress toward their own causes.
Khalil said it was possible the rocket was intended for the American tanks but missed and slammed into the transformer behind them. Employees were assessing the damage to see what could be salvaged.

Sabotage against power and water installations has been a key element of the anti-American resistance, which has been growing in recent days despite U.S. officials insistence that it is not being organized centrally.

Despite efforts to increase electricity generation, the U.N. Development Program reported Thursday that power delivery to Baghdad fell to 800 megawatts from 1300 megawatts two weeks ago. It attributed the fall to the sabotage of power lines and breakdowns caused by daytime temperatures reaching 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

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