Sunday, June 15, 2003

LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES. It is ironic that this one gets published on Fathers Day.

One thing I've learned since keeping this journal is that the Arab media publish stories that don't get published in the west...indeed which would never get published in the west.

Under the attention getting headline "Saddam alive, says daughter" in the space of about four paragraphs that same daughters position shifts from "I know he survived" (with no effort made to demonstrate how she knows it) to "I believe[he is] alive" to "I hope he's alive"

But we notice the headline doesn't read "Saddam's daughter hopes he's alive" now does it.

Then she, who was widowed after her husband defected from Iraq, was enticed back by Saddam and murdered the moment he arrived back in Iraq, goes on to say what a wonderful father he was.

Oh please.
In her first interview, Raghad, 36, said, "I know he survived the war."...

..."The last time I spoke to my father was five days before the war," she said. "He was in good spirits. I know he survived the war. But once Baghdad fell it was all so quick, all the family went our own ways. I am not in touch with any of them. But I believe they are still alive."...

Regarding Saddam, she said, "I hope he's alive. He was a very good father."...

...Refusing to speak about her husband's killing, Raghad dismissed the notion that she had broken off relations with her father, "He is my father and I am his daughter. He was a good father and a good grandfather."

Raghad does not go out, "I don't like the situation, the American troops everywhere, seeing the statues of my father broken, his pictures torn down. You can imagine how I feel."

Read the entire obfuscation here.

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