Friday, June 20, 2003

NEXT TIME YOU ARE LOOKING AROUND FOR A WORTHY ORGANIZATION to donate to...try the USO who we have to thank for this event.
There’s nothing like a couple of rock stars, a Playboy pin-up model, a Hollywood movie star and a few sports celebrities to get a hangar of 7,000 troops hoopin’ and hollerin’ — especially when the superstars are there to say “thank you.”

Hangar 42 at Baghdad International Airport became a sweaty sea of brown shirts and desert cammies Thursday as Kid Rock, Leann Tweeden, Gary Sinise and others took center stage to perform.

I can't be sure if any of the Gators got to go to this USO sponsored event. I hope they did.

And though this wouldn't do much for CPT Patti...most of the troops in Iraq would find Leann Tweeden to be a marvelous morale booster...n'est-ce pas?

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