Friday, June 20, 2003

RESTORING THE INTERNET TO BAGHDAD. I wish - but doubt - that this would result in improved communications for CPT Patti from Baghdad.

Following a two-month war hiatus, Iraq's Uruklink website is expected to return to the Internet this week.

Formerly the official homepage of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's regime, the site has been scrubbed clean of any traces of the fallen dictator, according to officials with Iraq's State Company for Internet Services, or SCIS.

Purging the government-controlled ISP of Saddam loyalists, however, is proving more difficult, says Ala'a Hassan Harif, 29, lead system administrator and research-and-development manager for SCIS.

"The problem is very global and very dangerous," said Harif. "The Iraqi people can't accept people who used to serve the old regime."

Interesting story...especially for tech-heads. Read it here.

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