Sunday, June 15, 2003

THIS STORY COVERS SOME 1st BRIGADE SOLDIERS on patrol in Baghded. It's good reading.
On a big white marker board, 2nd Platoon writes out its day’s missions. In the morning, members escort the company commander, Capt. Todd Pollard, to a meeting with the local police chief. In the afternoon, they patrol the streets. Then came a bit of GI humor.

Night patrol:

1. Seize weapons.

2. Kick ass

3. Make the world a better place by doing No. 2.

Once the younger troops leave Baghdad, any of life’s challenges will be insignificant, said Brooks, of Fayetteville, Ark.

“Guys are stepping up to the plate when they have to,” Brooks said. “Nineteen-year-old privates are talking to each other to get things done, like an older sergeant would.”

Brooks watches troops such as Salas, who are often putting themselves in harm’s way for national policy.

“I took so many things for granted, especially my family,” Salas said. “I’m a changed young man.”

Yep. Read the whole thing here.

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