Tuesday, June 17, 2003

GOT A PHONE CALL LAST NIGHT from the Rear Detachment. The Rear Detachment (or Rear D, as it is known) is a small element left behind while the majority of the unit deploys.

Anyway - the Rear D called to tell me they had contact with one of CPT Patti's soldiers. That soldier filled in some detail.

Confirmed that CPT Patti and the Gators are sleeping at the Police College. Found out that they even have beds (the steel frame and springs kind...not mattresses). However, oddly enough, there are no showers for the troops at the Police College. For that they have to go to Shaab Stadium. (You can find both these places on the link to the map at the top of the page...you can also see a satellite image of the stadium - taken during the war - at the photo link.)

Shaab Stadium is where the Brigade Support Area (logistics base) for the 1st Brigade is located...thus that is where the Gators work. And shower, apparently. I'll try to find out more about that and let you know.

They are working really hard right now...getting less than five hours sleep per night.

Appears that AAFES is on the verge of establishing a PX in the vicinity of the stadium. That probably means they will bring in an 18 wheeler style trailer crammed with stuff, and little bitty aisles to walk through. That is a positive development as well.

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