Thursday, October 09, 2003


Speaking of Christmas, we in the Gator's Family Readiness Group (FRG) want to send a Christmas tree down range. We are making special ornaments for the tree, something we feel will bind the unit together at that special time of year.

Thing is, we don't have a tree. We are looking for an artificial tree, in a box. The vision is a full size (6 foot +) Christmas Tree. Not the sort of thing they can pick up in the Baghdad Wal Mart...

I've priced them over here and they are just too expensive for our little bitty budget (all the money raised by our FRG is being spent on the ornaments and a Christmas party for all the kids in the battalion.)

So - have you been thinking about upgrading to a better tree this year? Would you have an extra Christmas tree taking up space in the attic?

If you have a tree you'd like to donate please drop me a note at cptpattiinbaghdad AT yahoo DOT com.

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