Thursday, October 09, 2003


OK - another personal update.

Nearly 2 weeks ago I described how CPT Patti had called to ask for my support for her to extend her tour in Iraq long enough to bring her soldiers home.

Well, I had adjusted to that idea...I understood her desire to continue to serve her soldiers.

But, the battalion commander had other plans.

As a matter of policy he has said no to command extensions (this affects at least one other company commander in the battalion as well).

So, I learn this morning that we are back on the original timetable...CPT Patti is scheduled to change command in March and then return home to me near the middle of that month.

I suspect the battalion commander wants to give other young officers the chance to command companies under deployment conditions. I also suspect he recognizes the extraordinary pace at which the company commanders are working and wants to avoid total burnout.

Its a selfless decision by the battalion commander - who would not have been criticized for keeping his team intact for the duration.

Me - I feel like I just got a Christmas present!

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