Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Are the major media outlets deaf to this repeated message?
Michigan State University President Peter McPherson and 13 others helping establish democracy in Iraq briefed President Bush on Monday at the White House about their efforts.

McPherson, who assisted in rebuilding the Iraqi financial system, said there is a large gap between what he saw on the ground and what is being reported by the U.S. media. American news accounts are filled with reports about terrorist attacks and guerrilla-style fighting.

"I've been back only a few days and what is so striking to me is the disconnect with the feeling of progress broadly in Iraq as opposed to what I hear back here. There's just no connection at all," McPherson said.

"It's almost like they're reporting the bank robbery as opposed to what's going on in the school system."

McPherson said the real story is that schools, clinics and banks are reopening and a new currency is ready.

Don Campbell, a New Jersey Superior Court judge who served as an adviser to Iraq's judiciary, echoed McPherson.

"You emphasize the 10 percent of negative things that are happening and de-emphasize the 90 percent of positive things," he said.

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