Wednesday, October 08, 2003


The 1-37 Armor commander makes an important ally.
“I gave him what I believed and felt is my basic belief,” he said. “I enjoy my job and I believe in this mission and my soldiers and the destiny of this country.”

Through his translator, Egypt-native Spc. John Helmy, the commander told the sheik, “My presence and your presence are intertwined for the future of Iraq.”

Then, on a hunch, Bishop told him that he knew he had weapons.

“I know you have guns, and I know you have weapons. [We’re] tired of fighting, and you can’t win,” he told the sheik.

Bishop then took off his flak jacket and said that since he was in his house, the sheik was responsible for his safety.

The show of trust worked.

The sheik admitted that he had been planning for months to carry out an attack on Americans. He did have weapons but hadn’t used them yet.

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