Tuesday, October 07, 2003


Thanks to a reader who sent me this story about Giessen's own 2-3 Field Artillery helping out a hospital in their sector.
The 2-3 FA’s support reached its climax recently, when an explosion at a nearby detergent factory caused a release of chemicals in the air, which affected the local residents.

“We got a call that there were mass casualties involving inhalation injuries,” said Davila. “They needed medication, intravenous tubing, catheters and so on. The problem was that the incident happened late at night, and there was no way the hospital could get what it needed.”

As fate would have it, the 2-3 FA had already stockpiled medical supplies at their base camp. Because of a new Iraqi army training program there on post, the 2-3 FA had recently visited an Iraqi medical warehouse and picked up supplies to start a “mini aid station” where Iraqis could treat heat casualties and other injuries.

“It was a life saver to them,” said Davila. “Afterward, we all said, ‘man, how lucky we had all that stuff!’”

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