Monday, October 06, 2003


Bradford Arkansas hit hard by reserve call-up.
The mayor, police chief and school librarian are all leaving for military duty Monday that is expected to take them to Iraq, and the residents left behind in this tiny town of 800 are scrambling to fill their roles...

At city hall, meanwhile, officials have been rushing to prepare paperwork necessary to transfer the mayor's power to a 78-year-old retired school teacher...

In addition to Mayor Paul Bunn, Chief Josh Chambliss and librarian Nolan Brown, five other citizens of this farm town have received orders to report to Fort Hood, Texas. There, they will prepare for a tour of duty in Iraq that is expected to put them in Iraq by Christmas.

Grebe Edens, the town's recorder-treasurer, will take over for the 35-year-old mayor. Previously, she spent 24 years as Bradford's fourth-grade teacher.

"Most of the people on the city council now, she's paddled them before," Bunn said.

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