Thursday, July 01, 2004

Up to 5,600 IRR soldiers from all over the United States will get a warning mailgram starting next week, followed within days by formal activation orders that give the individual 30 days to report to his or her mobilization station, Robert Smiley told Pentagon reporters Wednesday.

Smiley, who is principal assistant for training, readiness and mobilization in the Army's Office of Manpower and Reserve Affairs, said the Army is working to fill 4,402 spaces in units bound for the third rotation to Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom 3) and the sixth rotation to Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom 6), both of which are due to start later this summer.

The IRR soldiers will spend about 30 days at a basic training site, where their basic soldiering skills will undergo evaluation and training will be supplied to fill shortfalls, Smiley said.

From there, the soldiers will be sent to their new units for unit training before the deployment begins.

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