Friday, July 02, 2004


Everybody...this is Holly. Holly, this is everybody.

Holly is my friend and neighbor (note: don't get confused...her husband's name is Tim...)

I talk to Holly frequently in the little green space that serves as the common front yard to our little apartment complex. Talking to Holly helps me to keep my situation in perspective.

See...her Tim is also downrange. She is here, with her four children...whom she home schools...

Anyway...brave woman, who has just started her own blog (where DOES she get the time???)

She calls it "Household 6". You can read why at her place.

You might enjoy her relating the business of awaiting the soldiers' return to being 9 months pregnant
I would also like to venture that it is a lot like being pregnant. Stick with me here a second guys...

I have told my husband many times that the L-d knew women had to be preggers for a full nine months because before that you aren't totally willing to go through labor but by the end... That last month is soooooooooo long! It seems like you will never have that baby. Everyone keeps inquiring after your health and due date, and as you get closer the looks and words of sympathy start. You haven't had that baby yet???

And while the pregnant mum appreciates the thought she also is just as likely to strangle you for asking again!! She of all people knows shes STILL pregnant and wants it done.
How about drop by and encourage the new gal on the blog.

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