Thursday, May 06, 2004


This is day 361. Sheesh!

I got annoyed early today...when I discovered CNN giving Michael Moore pretty much all the airtime he could ever want. He's whining about Disney not distributing his latest hatchet job on the President...saying "this is America...not some other countries".

Glad you noticed, genius...and in America businesses get to make their own business decisions. Obviously Disney recognizes something that your arrogant self can't...namely, this is not a profitable time for Disney to be associated with your particular brand of character assassination of the President who is leading us through a war.

Why don't you hit up Air America...see if they'll spot you the dough to distribute the movie yourself. Oh...wait, that's right. They are broke too.

Oh..and I'm wondering if hallelujahs are in order. I heard an AP radio newscast that didn't begin with the Iraq prison story. Nope...that story was all the way down to second. Deemed first is the story that a judge told Martha Stewart she isn't getting a new trial.

I ask you...are these the gravest issues in front of our nation today?

Fair warning...annoyed early might just mean annoyed all day.

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