Wednesday, May 05, 2004


It would be nice if Firas could speak at the UN...perhaps those who see nothing but doom would begin to pay attention.
When I read the speech of Mr. Bremer on the 23rd of April 2004, I can’t find in it but true intentions to make thing better for us and with logical methods, easy to be substituted in Iraqi society. And I think that’s the main reason that the governing council members are accepting the American policy in Iraq, I mean they are close to decision making authority and know more about the bright future of the country than the rest of Iraqis.

But when I hear about the new contracts, some of them about rebuilding Faluja and when I see every day in my way to work many Iraqis on their way to work, schools, and many construction sites, and markets full of imported goods with many ordinary people doing shopping, and imported cars in car markets more than the customers who are trying to buy cars, and when I feel the people of Faluja happy to get red of the terrorists in their city and many others are forgetting about the rebels in Najaf and thinking of them just a bunch of twisted minds, then I know that we are on the right path.

I am sure that these days many Iraqis know that the coalition is in war situation, but not with Iraqis but with terrorism on the land of Iraq. So all we have to do is to help the good guys to win this war fast, at least by staying safe and away of the hot areas.

May be many of us are trying to say it’s not our war why should we bear so much….. Well the war against the terrorism is responsibility of the entire world, and now we are playing our part in it.
Good point about the war on terror belonging to the whole world, Firas. How much easier would it be if the whole world were actually participating?

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