Tuesday, May 04, 2004


Good story here about Tom Hamill, the captured truckdriver who escaped.

Story written by the Stars & Stripes reporter...so it is better than most you will read.
Hamill, a truck driver with Kellogg, Brown & Root, had been kept in a small building near a house “in the middle of the desert,” the soldiers said, about 50 miles northwest of Baghdad. He’d heard the Humvees that were trailing the foot patrol, then pushed his way out the door blocked with a piece of metal and some wood, and made a dash for the soldiers.

He was shoeless and thirsty, with a gunshot wound in his arm. He said he’d been moved around a lot in the past weeks but had been laxly guarded recently.

“He said, ‘I could have escaped a bunch of times, but where am I going to go with one bottle of water and no map?’” Forbes said.

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