Wednesday, May 05, 2004


God bless the Lutz Patriots...some day's I wonder just how much good one small band of folks from The America I Live In can do.

Thanks to Barbara we get to share in this exchange with an Iraqi who keeps his own blog. His name is Firas and he recently swapped email with our friends in the Patriots.
Hi Firas,

I just discovered your blog this evening. I am the mother of a U.S. Marine Corps Officer and want you to know that most Americans want nothing more than to see you and your fellow Iraqi's live in a free and peaceful country.

I wanted you to know also that we are part of a group in our community in Florida who have been sending supplies through our soldiers to many schools there to help Iraqi children. The soldiers have sent us pictures of the children and they are beautiful.

If there is anything we can do to support and encourage you please let us know. If your friends and family there will support the coalition and be patient, I'm sure your country will grow to be free and a great friend to the U.S. We are praying that more and more Iraqi's will bravely defend what coalition forces are trying to your people and restore order there so the children will know a prosperous future.

We will continue to support you and pray for you.


Firas's reply:

Thank you for the beautiful e-mail.....we are aware of the Americans civilian people activities for the Iraqi people and children.......actually you may be surprised how the majority of Iraqis are thankful for you all.....But as usuall Black is more obvious than white and the media is taking bad part in that.......tell your son it will be an honor for me to know him and to be friends.....God bless you all.

Firas Georges

P.S. please read this e-mail to all your friends in the group you mentioned.
Firas...thanks for writing to Barbara and allowing her to share your comments with the rest of us.

May God grant us that those who think as you do will prevail over the violent factions stuck in the past.

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