Friday, May 28, 2004


Way off topic, but too good not to note.

Gerhardt Schroeder, chancellor of Germany, is a member of the Social Democrat Party (SDP). It is no accident that the first word in the title is Social.

An SDP candidate recently criticized a large segment of the German population.
A candidate in the European elections has caused controversy in Germany by apparently suggesting women were "too lazy" to get pregnant.

The comment was made by left-wing Turkish-born Vural Oger, who is a candidate for the ruling Social Democrats.

He said German women were "just too lazy" to get pregnant, and added he couldn't believe almost half of the country's women hadn't conceived.

He also complained that they were putting his financial future and that of other adults in danger.

"It is simply impossible that 40 out of 100 German women are unable to have children, putting our pensions in danger," said Oger. much progress does that indicate over, say, this love of family by the Nazi's?
The perfect symbol of Nazi Germany was a "healthy fertile mother at home tending five or six children while the father worked or went off to war"...

To increase cultural pressure the Third Reich created Mother's Day on August 12th, Hitler's mother's birthday, and made it a national holiday so that the mother became a celebrated figure.

Heinrich Himmler attempted to do the same when he created the Mother Cross award which honoured mothers of large families. An Aryan woman received the bronze for five children, silver for six, gold for seven or more. The medal was worn on a blue ribbon around the neck and Nazi Youth were to salute any woman bearing this award.

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Anonymous said...

I have lived in Germany almost all of my life. Never before have I heard or read so much about Nazis then when I lived in the US or started reading American articles, like yours or newspapers etc.

Seems to me that Americans really are obsessed with that many years later. We don't have a thing to do with what happened in the past. Why always bring it up...over and over and over again.

It's over! In the US black people and Indians are still treated like sh..., but I don't hear or read that much about that.

Maybe all the Hitler stuff is just always brought up to downplay the own mistakes???

I really like your site - I just hate the regular bad comments about Germans. And hm, lets see, about 30% or so of Americans have German ancestors, maybe people should just quiet down some.

You can't compare the past with the present. I am the second generation after Hitler, what the heck to I have to do with him? About as much as you.

Thanks for your time.