Monday, May 24, 2004

Still, Keith Jett was able to share in his son's graduation night.

After photographs of Jonathan's classmates from childhood to the present flashed across a screen on stage, the music ended and photographs of a soldier in fatigues appeared. Then, a man's voice spoke, addressing Jonathan.

"Congratulations on this special day," the voice, a recording of Jonathan's dad, said. "There's not a day you're not on my mind."

Tears rolled from Jonathan's eyes as classmates sitting on either side held his hand. His father, a full-time member of the National Guard and a chaplain for the Decatur Police Department, told his son of the phrase he thinks of when he thinks of him.

"Nothing is impossible."

Keith Jett proved that by finding a way to be with his son. He ended by saying that after watching his son grow up, he was proud to say, "I'm a father."

Jonathan wiped his eyes with a tissue a classmate handed him as the lights flickered on, and his father's picture faded from the screen.

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