Wednesday, May 26, 2004

God bless him.
Sen. Joseph Lieberman, a Democrat and a member of the Armed Services Committee, has angered some of his fellow Democrats by urging people in both political parties to "pull together" to finish the job in Iraq.

"We have to stay united here as best we can to support our troops," Lieberman said in a CNN interview Monday night after listening to President Bush's speech. He called the U.S. war in Iraq "the test of our generation," and he said if the U.S doesn't win the war over there -- "we're going to face it much closer to home in the years ahead."

Lieberman urged Americans to avoid joining a "chorus of doubters" that is undermining American support for the war.

He also -- to the dismay of some Democrats -- defended President Bush, saying the president "did what he has to do in this speech...which is to shore up American support to remind the American people why we must win this battle against the terrorists and the Saddam loyalists."
Why is it that urging folks in both parties to pull together would "anger some of his fellow Democrats"?

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