Friday, May 28, 2004


I have an e-friend named Mike. He makes his living making films (there may be a more specific way to say that...I'm not certain.)

Mike has been to Baghdad at least twice since OIF started. He tells me he wanted to produce a film/documentary (I think) about, well, "the story". He met and followed soldiers. Shot film of the good and the bad.

He made friends with some of these guys. He's lost some of these friends he's made when those friends died in Iraq.

Of his film he says it shows soldiers as who they are. Human beings. See, Mike seems to trust us to be able to handle the fact that human beings are imperfect. So his film isn't one that portrays the US Soldier a la John Wayne. But, more importantly in my mind, it shows soldiers being imperfectly GOOD as well as being imperfectly bad...something that CNN can't seem to do.

So far no one will buy Mike's film for showing on TV or other outlet. It isn't that it isn't good. They've told him it is very good! But they think we the public want more of the same crap they show on CNN day in and day out. (I'm guessing prison scandal movie producers are probably in bidding wars for their films).

So here is my special request. I volunteered to pray that a buyer would come forward to buy Mike's film. Really, honestly say a prayer to that effect.

And I'm asking if you will do the same.

Because our Soldiers and Marines, imperfect as they may be, on the whole are good Americans doing good things. They deserve to be shown that way - warts and all (not "warts and more warts" as CNN does) by the public. And Mike is a guy trying to do that but the elites in the media don't seem to understand most that The America I Live In wants to see this sort of stuff.

So please, lets do our Soldiers and Marines a favor...and Mike too. Please promise me you will say a quick prayer that this film finds a buyer.



Dan said...

What about pitching the film to Fox? Also, Roger L. Simon has a blog with a public e-mail address. How about Mike contacting him to see if Simon knows an Independent that will distribute the film?

Anonymous said...

Tim- I said a prayer immediately upon reading. I will continue to ask God that a buyer be found for Mike's film. The American public needs to see footage of this nature. I just wish more of the public would read your blog. I thank you for all that you share with those of us who do read your postings on a daily basis. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you and Cpt Patti.
God Bless,
Kelly E
North Carolina

Anonymous said...

You can count me in on the prayers. I'd really like to see Mike's film. I understand the guy (Don North?) who made the documentary about the 7 Iraqi men who got new hands in Houston can't find a buyer for his work, either. I guess it makes Americans look good, so we don't get to see it. I never watch CNN. However, if they broadcast one of these works, I'd definitely tune them in.
I read your blog almost daily, and I think it's one of the best. You cover a lot of interesting material. I hope you continue blogging even after CPT Patti returns (except for a well deserved break when she gets back!).
God Bless You and CPT Patti!
Shari in California

Pat said...

Tim, Mike has been added to my prayer list. As you know all prayers are answered. Some yes & some no.The rest is up to our God.

Anonymous said...

I will definitely pray that the film gets a buyer.

God bless you and CPT Patti.


Anonymous said...

I will say an entire Rosary for both men's films. And, just to be sure, I'll say a Novena. We have to ask ourselves why certain powers don't want something like this shown about our country and our fighting forces. Personally, I don't like the answer.

Anonymous said...

How about posting some specifics? His full name, contact info, name of film, etc. Then we could start contacting networks and asking about the specific film.

He might also want to try to contact Michael Barone at the WSJ; Michael recently wrote an editorial about another "Iraqi good news"-type film the guy couldn't get shown.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about the movie industry but why can't he sell DVD's of the movie directly to the public?

Anonymous said...

I suggest put teaser on the web and put it everywhere in the blogs and see what happens. Post event showings of the movies in theaters linked with support of our troops groups. Contact the history channel and discovery channel or pbs they donot have to report on scott, kobe and jacko.

Rob said...

Count me in.

Anonymous said...

M. Tucker?

Anonymous said...

Found you via Greyhawk. I will pray for Mike, and that the Good story gets out. My prayers are with the good soliders and specifically the good MPs who are being besmirched by the twits in the media. I belive that your are doing His work, and hopefully He will help the Truth be told.

Bless you!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank all of you folks who are praying for the sale of Mike Tucker's film: Gunner Palace. I am his mom and have supported all his travels and work for many years. I value his ability to tell a story; to keep his judgement out of it. I sense a growing compassion in him for all the ills of this troubled world. MIke went back to Viet Nam years ago and did some marvelous footage of people getting new age artificial limbs.
Since he was a child when his dad went to Viet Nam and we all sat out several tours of duty ; last with 1st Cav.. I marvel at his ability to see so much humanity, humor, and pain in ordinary people and to portray that in this new film. I find myself more opininated, quick to judge..than he.. I always learn something from my son and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful he got out of Baghdad when he did. I know other mothers are not so lucky. Pray for the troops still there.

So anyways, yes,pray for a wise buyer of the film so people can see this film and Mike and his family can keep making "pictures" There are more stories out there. Joan T