Monday, May 24, 2004


That is what most soldiers are. Read about one here.
Bowser found Febus’ wallet on the base around April 2, and sent an e-mail to his fellow soldier to arrange a meeting. Bowser tucked the wallet into the cargo pocket of his BDU trousers every morning when he got dressed, just in case he ran into its owner.

But before the two could make contact, Bowser was injured when a mortar hit near him on April 12, as he was stepping out of the PX.

Shrapnel peppered his legs and his armored vest, which medics said saved his life.

Worst of all was Bowser’s right foot. Shrapnel hit the arch and went out the back, shattering his heel bone and tearing most of the essential veins and arteries.

As Bowser was rushed through the military medical system, he kept the wallet with him.

He was airlifted to Landstuhl Medical Center, and finally to Walter Reed, where he surrendered the wallet to Bill.

Before sending it back to Melinda Febus, Bill took the wallet home.

“I got out the bleach and dish soap and sterilized it piece by piece,” Bill said. “I felt it needed to be taken care of decently.”

Meanwhile, despite their best efforts, Joe Bowser’s surgeons could not save his foot.

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