Saturday, May 01, 2004


CPT Patti, and many other soldiers from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st AD are now located at Camp Victory North.

And is a pretty good PX. Good for 'em.
The Army and Air Force Exchange Service opened the doors to their new 30,000-square-foot Post Exchange (PX) late last week in the Division Life Support Area of Camp Victory North.

According to David Schloss, the AAFES general manager for the Baghdad area, plans are underway to develop a diverse food court. Right now, Burger King is the only confirmed food concession for the PX, but other restaurant chains are awaiting approval...

The store at the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) that closes this Friday has 7,000 square feet of selling space. The new PX is more than four times that size. The building's dimensions also include storage areas and offices, according to Jonathan Tokar, the general manager for all AAFES operations in Iraq.

Other concessions that tend to be around a PX won't be encased within the 30,000 square-feet of the building, AAFES officials noted. Concession shops such as barber, beauty, sewing and alterations, food concessions, and gift shops will be outside the structure.

An array of local venders will also be found outside the new PX. The current plan is for all the venders at BIAP to move to North Victory, Schloss said.

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