Thursday, April 29, 2004


This is day 354 of my darling wife's deployment.

I'm really late getting started on the blog today because CPT Patti called this morning!

She sounds absolutely fantastic. She is enjoying her new job...says their new location (Camp Victory North, near Baghdad International Airport) is wonderful.

For the first time in a year she has her own room, in an air conditioned trailer...some privacy at last!! She says it isn't 5-star accommodations, but she'll give them 3 1/2.

The food in this camp is actually better than in the previous location...which was already good. She says she has to discipline herself not to eat everything they give her. "It's funny", she says "I go through the chow line...I smile at the contract employees on the line, and next thing I know I've got these HUGE portions on my plate".

Go check out that smile on her photo...wouldn't you respond that way? Of course, asking CPT Patti not to smile is like asking a duck not to swim. Ain't gonna happen.

So...I'm fully recharged...listening to the sparkle in her voice I know her spirit is intact...and mine has been rejuvenated.

Such blessings!

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