Thursday, April 29, 2004


Please go read this story...especially the sections titled "Working in the JOC" and "Life and Death On the Front Lines"

Let me be redundant...our service men and women are just good people.
When that NCO expressed his fears that nothing we're doing in Iraq matters, I held my tongue. For the most part, I live by the credo "every person has the right to his or her own opinion." However, looking back on it, I wish I would've told him, "it does matter." At least, it matters to me. I know it sounds schmaltzy, but I'm grateful my forefathers stood up so I could enjoy my freedom. I don't like the thought of serving in a far away land any more than the next guy. But if a price must be paid, so be it. No one's children should have to grow up in a world full of thugs and extremists who terrorize innocent people.

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