Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I just ran across this on the Fox News Channel web site...a new feature to run on Linda Vester's DaySide.
You don’t get to see all the good things soldiers are doing over there and you don't get to see the many Iraqis who are thrilled and grateful.

So, as of today, you're going to see something new on “DaySide.” Something called "Only on Fox", because that's the only place you'll see it. Dispatches directly from soldiers (with photos -- the miracle of e-mail!), showing the GOOD news in Iraq.

You deserve more balanced coverage -- and I, for one, will bring it to you.
Folks...I intend to watch. Do so if you can...and if it is worthy...and if it does what it says then please respond to Fox News with a note or letter...or call their local affiliate.

We know the media in general doesn't understand Truth...but we also know they understand ratings.

If this effort by Fox is worthy...lets make some noise.

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