Monday, April 26, 2004


GEN Bell, the US Army Europe commander, listens, aims, shoots and scores.
“We’re not going to just check the block and say we did our part and then go on with our mindless business,” he promised.

“I know we cannot wait a month to solve your problems,” said Bell to another gathering. “I think 75 percent of the things that are bothering you we can solve by next week.”

Meanwhile, like only a four-star commander can, Bell fixed many individual problems on the spot, while jump-starting fixes for wider issues.

One rear detachment soldier told him that the Army was trying to send her away from Germany to her next duty assignment before her husband, also a soldier, returns from duty in Iraq.

Calling to his top personnel officer, Brig. Gen. Russell Frutiger, Bell said, “This soldier has got a problem that needs to be fixed right away. She’s getting screwed. … She’s going to stay here until her husband gets back.”
Its a continuation of the same story...good folks trying to do good things under trying conditions.

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