Sunday, October 12, 2003


Was walking through a very crowded pedestrian shopping zone in Giessen today where a special market is going on and the stores are open - a rare exception for a Sunday in Germany.

Anyway, the market included food and drink stands, street performers and all manner of distractions.

And I noticed that most of the kids, and many of the adults had balloons.

And with sort of a strange Emily Dickensonian way of looking at old things with new eyes it occurred to me to ask myself: "Why do we like balloons?"

Its not as if they are functional. OK - if filled with helium they defy gravity - unique but hardly functional. And we seem to love them even if they are filled with nothing but air.

And OK - they are colorful. But innumerable things are colorful. Some in ways that make balloons seem rather dull from a color perspective.

But we just love balloons.

And I don't know why. Do you?

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