Friday, October 17, 2003


This certainly complicates things...
When U.S. troops invaded Iraq in March, what they found astounded them: The country was a vast munitions dump, a problem that American military planners had seriously underestimated.

The U.S. military's chief engineer in Iraq said Thursday that up to 1 million tons of bombs, artillery shells, land mines and other munitions were scattered in storage dumps and bunkers across the country.

"We think our initial estimate of 600,000 tons is low," Brig. Gen. Larry Davis said. "We think 600,000 tons could be as much as 1 million tons. They had an inordinate amount of ammunition in this country."

The impact of which can be found here:

The two most recent suicide bombings here and virtually every other attack on American soldiers and Iraqis were carried out with explosives and materiel taken from Saddam Hussein's former weapons dumps, which are much larger than previously estimated and remain, for the most part, unguarded by U.S. troops, allied officials said Monday.

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