Monday, October 13, 2003


Well, this guy's gonna fix that.
Peter Lumsdaine, a veteran of World Trade Organization and anti-military protests, is headed to Jordan and Iraq on a "peacemaker" mission.

Lumsdaine, of Santa Cruz, is a former Resource Center For Nonviolence staffer who now coordinates the nonprofit the Military Globalization Project. He and his wife, the Rev. Meg Lumsdaine, an ordained Lutheran minister, plan to embark on their Middle East journey today. They will stay through Nov. 3...

Lumsdaine was the subject of national news coverage a decade ago when he and another activist were sentenced to jail for sneaking into a Seal Beach facility and attacking a $50 million military surveillance satellite with an ax. He also has written frequently about peace issues.

He said he plans to meet and interview Iraqis, including people who lost family under Saddam Hussein’s regime, as well as those whose loved ones have been killed in the war.

Lumsdaine said he’s worried about civilians at risk in Iraq "mostly from U.S. soldiers. Obviously there is a mounting civilian toll from U.S. military action."

Yeah, idiot. I suppose if the soldiers weren't there the suicide bomber self-inflicted death toll wouldn't be so high.

Worried about "civilians at risk in Iraq"??? Where were you for thirty years as Saddam tortured, killed, maimed and terrorized? Were you worried then you moronic imbecile?

How about my wife...could you find it in your heart to be worried for her, as I am every day for the last 155 days...jumping out of my skin everytime the doorbell rings?


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