Thursday, October 16, 2003


Good piece.
Senator Carl Levin, D-MI, came to my town. He came to speak to political science majors at our local college. What did he tell these college kids? “We {America} shouldn’t be there, {in Iraq} as a controlling power.” He scoffed at the money requested by President Bush to help the fledging democracy rebuild. In short, it sounded as though he wants Iraq to fail.

If Iraq fails, Bush fails. If Bush fails, Democrats win. He didn’t seem to care about the fate of the Iraq people or the benefit of having a stable and democratic Iraq in the Middle East. That was not a priority. The important factor for him was to convince these young people that Republicans are leading the country into ruin. Only Democrats can rescue the country from certain disaster. Only Democrats can get the U.S. back in the good graces of world opinion.

In short, the Bush Administration must fail...

When President Bush placed North Korea in the axis of evil, he knew they had nuclear weapons. He knew they had them because of the failed policy of democrat Bill Clinton. The Democrats howled and screamed in fury. Clinton’s policy was working. They claimed that North Korea, upon hearing the insult and in a fit of anger, ran to the basement and made those weapons overnight. Even though North Korea gleefully admitted they had these weapons for years, the Democrats dismiss that admission. In the face of a national threat to the continental United States, they vehemently deny their policy of appeasement failed...

I have heard Senator John Kerry repeat over and over that the unemployment rate is the highest it’s been “since Herbert Hoover.” This is simply a lie.

In September 2003, unemployment was 6.1. Under Bill Clinton in June of 1993, it was 7.0. In December of 1982 it hit 10.8 before President Reagan was able to turn around the disaster called the Carter Administration.

But the lie is repeated over and over to try and convince the people that Bush’s economic plan is not working. All indicators say otherwise. The Stock Market is once again approaching 10,000, but they perpetuate the lie that we are in dire straights to frighten the uninformed. They pray for a self fulfilling prophesy. They want the economy to fail.

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