Monday, October 13, 2003


And the little reported good news is that the defensive measures in place kept this from doing much more damage.

According to Col. Peter Mansoor, commander of the 1st Armored Division’s 1st Brigade, three American soldiers were slightly injured in the bombing, which occurred around 12:45 p.m...

Mansoor told reporters that a car traveling down one of the main north-south travel routes on Baghdad’s eastern side tried to negotiate the cement barriers at a hotel entrance. The Associated Press later reported that two cars were involved. Both were fired upon by U.S. and Iraqi guards before both explosives were detonated.

There was no damage to the hotel, but nearby shops and apartments took the brunt of the explosions.

Within minutes of the attack, 2nd ACR Kiowa helicopters were circling the scene.

Within a half-hour, soldiers from the 1st Armored Division’s 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment, 2nd ACR and various military police units, including the 204th, 812th and 233rd MP Companies, set up a perimeter about a block in radius from the blast.

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